Are there any gay bars in Bangalore

The Only Place. If you dont trust my words, try for yourself and spread the word. The figure is even higher in larger cities such as Mumbai and Delhi.

India has its fair share of gay events taking place throughout the year. But our absolute highlight was the people. What a cheerful fun blog! What happens if you suffer from illness, injury, theft or a cancellation?

Last month, a 23 year old gay man who was raped by policemen in Gujarat too refused to file a police complaint and pursue the case, fearing more harassment from the cops. Abhiram was hit on the head thrice by them. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

When we first Are there any gay bars in Bangalore in Delhi and saw men walking the streets holding hands,we thought we'd arrived in the middle of a big gay festival.

Спасибо! Данный Are there any gay bars in Bangalore

About Latest Posts. Since a majority of the public events are open to everyone, including the heterosexual crowd, most women attending these parties are straight and simply there because they feel comfortable in the company of gay men. Also largely absent from the gay social scene are lesbian women, who often choose not to attend.

  • We spent several months travelling in India as a gay couple, from North to South, and absolutely loved it. We visited world famous monuments like the Taj Mahal and stunning palaces across Rajasthan.
  • Three gay men were attacked in Bangalore in the Ching Lung Bar, a popular bar with gay men in the city. The incident happened on March 6 th at around pm when one of the men asked for a lighter from another man in the bar.
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Overall, a must visit if you are in Bangalore!! Held yearly in the last week of Feb. We had to return it back coz he said the kitchen is closed.

Are there any gay bars in Bangalore

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