From The Daily Beast last week outing closeted gay athletes

Show Comments. Critics pointed out that even though the story did not include names it did include enough descriptors for people to figure out who they are. Donna Brazile tears into Trump and Rubio over Orlando antigay speeches. Heaven forbid gay men have sex at the Olympics.

This grant will help them reach more young people. Not like straight men are doing it too, but why dig into that when you can mock and demean.

What an arrogant and slut-shaming to say! Here's the gay Tongan who went off on the Daily Beast. I read that thinking that it can't be too difficult to figure out who some of them from The Daily Beast last week outing closeted gay athletes, and very easy for other athletes there to figure it out.

Some readers have read Nico as mocking or sex-shaming those on Grindr. A former senior writer for Wired, he won the National Magazine Award for digital reporting. Go away. This one is working. In FebruaryJack Shafer of Slate magazine claimed that the chief investigative reporter for The Daily BeastGerald Posnerhad plagiarised five sentences from an article published by the Miami Herald.

Конечно, from The Daily Beast last week outing closeted gay athletes

Brett T. Although, now you've got those pedo sites in your browser history. You should see plenty of athletes looking for hot bearded gay sex studs. Convicted terrorist, 23, let out of prison on licence after travelling to Syria to join ISIS is sent back to You really don't get it r Details of the hoes and sidepieces.

Cision Media. Many other races and gay males have done the same thing.

Needs to be withdrawn. Far worse is the actual damage it will likely cause to real, live human beings—inevitable consequences that Hines blithely ignored. Latest Comments. After the initial wave of criticism The Daily Beast responded by editing out the descriptive details while also providing a lengthy editor's note defending the intent of the story.

Mother who brutally stabbed her son to death for being gay gets 25 years in prison.

From The Daily Beast last week outing closeted gay athletes

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