Dilation and curettage sex after in Baton Rouge

Perimenopausal Bleeding and Bleeding After Menopause. If you are bottle-feeding, you will probably resume menstruation in four to ten weeks. If implantation of the fertilized egg does not occur, the lining of the endometrium, coupled with blood and mucus from the vagina and cervix the lower, narrow part of the uterus located between the bladder and the rectummake up the menstrual flow also called menses that leaves the body through the vagina.

Where can I get more information? If you have local anesthesia, this may cause some cramping. This is done to help decrease postoperative pain.

dilation and curettage sex after in Baton Rouge

It is important that you try to avoid bending directly over to pick something up off the floor. This can cause bleeding or infection. It is advisable to take a stool softener until there is no more discomfort from the stitches. You may: use sanitary pads shower as usual For 1 week you should not: swim, bath or use a spa have sexual intercourse use tampons.

You may need more rest than normal while you are recovering from the surgery.

Dilation and curettage sex after in Baton Rouge

How much weight will I gain on the pill? If you are covered, let your doctor know so we can provide a prescription for you. How do I choose a postpartum birth control method? They do not need to be removed.

Medical problems during pregnancy. Managing High Blood Pressure. Stress and fatigue can take a toll on breast milk production, so make sure to try and nap when baby is napping. Your first menstrual cycle or period may be heavy as well.

Dilation and curettage sex after in Baton Rouge

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